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Hi Team Rapid towels
At 1st another false adervtertisment, Wow was I wrong there large towel is just perfect I do own an E220 Mercedes black used as a limousine washed very 2nd-day washing, and drying time has been cut in half.Rapid dry towels are the best thing since sliced bread great on the glass as well inside of the sedan .
I am now spreading the word to other drivers and Crystal car wash as well as my mechanic .
So I am now converted user of Rapid Dry Towels .
Love them great product
Kind regards
Kris Able

I am still waiting for it

Love the towel


I am in my 70’s and have always been a chamois person and must admit I was a bit dubious about paying so much for a “towel” and wondered if it was all just advertising hype. I took the plunge and bought one and tried it out on my wife’s car then mine, I was blown away with the effortless & speedy results. A great product I would recommend to anyone.

The Best 😊 Towers ever used

Does what it says it does!

I've done a few washes with the Rapid Dry Towel now and can say that it really does dry my van nicely. I have a VW Transporter, so there's no way it's ever going to happen in 90sec, and it does need a wringing out by the end, but it's a big car so a lot of real estate to dry. Overall, very happy with my purchase!

high quality product that is simply the best

I couldnt believe how it works and how it sucks up the water in seconds......truly the ultimate towel and the best..

Excellent product

Was very happy with the results.

Great for Bentley showrooms...

We recently bought the finisher towels for Bentley Auckland , these are the gold standard for drying off and finishing those last drips afer a wash and detail, and also for any other jobs around the showroom such as cleaning price stands etc. We particulaly like how long they last in a commercial environment.

Super Impressed!!

Definitely the best thing I have used to wash my car with… and paired with the drying towel makes the whole process a breeze.


Hi, I am a very fussy 70 year old. I bought two of your towels thinking that you couldn't dry my Mazda CX5 with one towel. I was totally wrong !!!!!. One towel and done. I used to use a quality synthetic chammy but I wont be any more. Cant say without swearing frigging awesome !!!!!!!!!
Going to tell all my friends about it !!!!!!!!!

Holy crap!

These towels are flipping awesome! Without a doubt best ones I have ever gotten. I have already recommended them to others. Beyond happy! Next up dog towel! … but how bout one for humans!!

Great towel

It really does work. I have never dried my car so quick and streak free before. I love it and I’m going to buy more.

Rapid Dry Towel

I was sceptical at first about the claims of this towel, but it is gust great.It dries exactly as is claims. Very happy with it

Amazing towel

Used the towel today on my car absolutely awesome will be buying a couple more.

Love it

Mate watched me chamois my car and suggested these towels. Awesome, makes drying my SUV so much easier. I bought 2 and was glad I did, didn't have to wring one out like that.

Greatest ever drying shower glass & tiles, so easy, love it

Wish i'd found this ages ago...

Great drying towel. Was a little hesitant (after ordering of course, lol) when i read about needing more than 1 towel to do a large car...
Garbage- flood the panels after the wash & a single towel is more than enough.
Once you adjust to the size (big, hehe), it's a dream to use & just soaks up the water on every pass. Have no use for my previously used drying towels, this sucker fills the bill with ease.
Loved it so much, i ordered the Finisher 3pk that very evening.
Thanks guys, you've taken all the pain out of drying my beast.

glad I bought it

Saving time is the biggest thing I look for now. This hits the mark! Works. Saves time. Winner, winner, chicken dinner.

The Best!!!

So thin, but so absorbing. Not sure how it’s done!!
It’s the best towel l’ve ever used so far. They say Korean 🚘 towels are the best🤔, NZ all the way for me from now on!!🥝🥝🥝🥝🥝

Worth there weight in gold

So easy to use saves heaps of time

Best product

This towel is amazing, I used it recently for the first time and it just keeps absorbing the water. I have an SUV and it still only took me about 2 mins to dry the car with no streaks left behind. I'm buying some of these for gifts. If you have a car you love get one of these towels

Top quality

Was a little sceptical at first but indeed it does dry my entire 5.6 metre long vehicle with no wringing out! Also seems to improve its absorption properties with use. Highly recommended


Works extremely well.
Dried my car in no time.

My new car towel

It’s the most amazing car product I have ever used, it does what it says dryed my car in minutes thanks I will let everybody know. Only one thing we’re do the water go 😄